Deinonychus is a streamlined email client that is designed to be fast and simple, while still retaining basic functionality. IMPORTANT: Deinonychus uses basic authentication for both IMAP and POP stores, which means that your password will be sent in the clear. If you are security minded or do not know what this means, it is recommended that you do not use Deinonychus to receive email messages.

A Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or higher is required to run this application. Get it here.
Deinonychus is licensed under the GPL
Sourceforge page
Download for Win32, Linux, and Mac OS X
Contact info for bugs, questions, and feedback is available in the README file in the distribution.


This project stems from my belief that the usage of folders to manage email can be replaced by a combination of sorting, flagging, and filtering. My ideal message retrieval protocol would pretty much be halfway between POP and IMAP. This is why Deinonychus treats each email store simply as a collection of messages.

Technologies used:

SWT, HttpClient, Ant

Features that are not and will never be supported::

Features currently implemented:

What this all means:

I cannot recommend Deinonychus for usage as an everyday email client. However, if you are interested in a different take on email, or want to learn about the technologies used, please try it. Logo